Happy Mama’s Day….HAWTY!

Fellow HAWT Mama’s-

Sunday May 8th 2011 was the set aside to recognize Mama’s, I hope even if no one recognized you the way you deserve to be that you recognized yourself, and embraced the gift(s) God has given you.

Mother’s day for me was a day of reflection and relaxation…I thought about where and what I was doing in my life a year from now and how almost nothing is the same today.

Change is one of the repercussions from evolution. Evolving as a woman, a mother, a lover, a daughter and a wife. Mama’s are much more than just mothers.

Many of us are chefs, lawyers, drivers, healers, professionals, entrepreneurs and so on. Embrace yourself!

We think, breathe, live and love as a mother. As Wendy Williams said we are now apart of a club and we should continue to support one another.

Here is some homework; What have you done for yourself lately? If nothing than now is the time to do something! Love yourself.


Your Fellow HAWT Mama

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