Good day, good week, good month My Dearest HAWTest Mama’s,

I know I haven’t had any new news and updates for a while and I apologize for that. Many of you know motherhood is an interesting journey not solely because now I (we) am a mother but being a wife, an employee and a student are all interesting tasks on their own and being a mother trumps all other priorities….

I’m mostly sorry to myself because I haven’t written. HAWT Mama’s is important to me and if I don’t nurture it how can I expect anyone else to care about it. So I’m starting fresh and new! I’m grateful to God for all the wonderful ideas and inspiration and courage that He’s granted me to continue and “press on towards the goal to win the prize”!

As HAWT Mama’s we need to showcase our abilities and interests. I love participating in girl-motivating activities as well as enjoying the Arts and health and wellness. Soon I will be posting some up and coming events that I will be participating in or may think you may have an interest. So please communicate and join me in making HAWT Mama’s an amazing opportunity to be who we want and most importantly can be as Happy Attractive Women-With Tenacity! Remember you can post on this site or email me at

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