Get it Tight….Keep it right!

Ok HAWTY’s, summer is here and now it’s on its way out and if you still haven’t dropped down to your ideal size it’s never too late! You might not have been able to wear that bikini you wanted to strut around the beach, but at least fall is around the corner! I don’t know about you but fall fashions are MUCH more fun! All the accessories, boots, the multitude of layering styles and so on are ample motivation to “Get it Tight and Keep it right”. Quick fixes and random diets will definitely make you lose weight but you will definitely probably gain it back! It’s happened to me several times and I know many women who have had similar experiences as well. Here are some fun tips to make a lifestyle change to help you lose weight and keep it off!

1. Forgive yourself- let go of the hanger, pain, distrust, disappointment that you have for yourself for all things you did or didn’t do in the past. Choose to move forward and let go of the past!

2. Start fresh and from scratch! Write a list of the most important things to you in life and how losing weight can benefit those things. For example will losing weight make you healthier so you can live longer for your children, will you be happier because you’ll be able to fit those clothes you like, will you be able to run around and play with your babies?

3. Think of all the foods you like and find a healthier alternative or a realistic way of eating it in moderation.

4. Increase your intake on fresh fruits and vegetables even if you start out by adding just one additional serving a day.

5. Move your body Girl! May it be dancing, walking, running, cycling increase your weekly physical activities. Don’t make a dramatic change all at once because you might disappoint yourself, start slow or at a realistic pace. If you’re doing nothing then add two activities a week and so on. Also incorporate your friends, family and neighbors to keep you motivated.

6. Last but not least CONSISTENCY!!! Don’t stop and if you forget then start back up! These tips are so easy you can even do it on vacation. Remember it’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle change!

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