Dear Fall…Love HAWT Mama’s

Welcome back fall, I’ve miss you since last year, and all your fall fabulousness. It’s not just the fashions that arouse my curiousness but’s its the smell of your leaves thats fallen from your trees. Its the angst of your breeze that teases my need to know that I can wear a dress way past my knees. Its not just the season from which I was born but it’s the colors that make my skin look warm. Its love that I’m ready to spread on spiced pumpkin nut bread. Its brisk jog anytime of the day that ignites the desire for me to get in shape. It’s the memories of high school days when football and homecomings were on their way. Its the comfort of knowing the best Lifetime movies are near and a cup of cocoa and chocolate are the best remedies to ease my fear…Its knowing that this year will be better than last because this time I’m a mommy a HAWT Mama at last!

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