It’s hard out there for a…HAWT Mama! ;)

Can I just say as a HAWT Mama life is an amazing journey. Working, being a student and mother all at once are all VERY interesting tasks to say the least. Each require an outlandish amount of attention, time and energy. It is easy for one to feel overwhelmed, overworked and overall just not good enough…. I know this is a common feeling most HAWT Mama’s presently have or have had at some point in time. So why don’t we share our challenges with one another to help build up each other’s strengths during adversity. Instead of pretending to be supermom and assuming everyone is doing better around you, why don’t we encourage one another.

Have we exhausted our value in humanity? Do we now take for granted the essence of the presence of one another?

HAWT Mama’s is an opportunity for a sisterhood of mothers to empower each other to reach our full potential in life. You have an issue some one else may have a solution. You have an idea someone else may have a hand. Instead of competing with our assumed ideas of one another lets walk hand in hand to love each other and raise tomorrow’s generation together!

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