HAWT thought of the day…Are you Happy?

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands!

When we were younger we were taught many ways on how to express our happiness and subsequently taught how to attain it. Are we teaching these same attributes to the following generation? Does happiness happen when we acquire something tangible or nest in our met desires?   Is happiness a state of mind or a ration from life? Are we all choosing to divulge in stereotypes placed on us or are we choosing to be absent from reality?  As mothers, as women, we choose to be free. Happiness is freedom from unrealistic, idealistic, materialistic expectations that we place on ourselves and one another. Happiness is knowing who you are and working towards your purpose in life. Happiness is choosing for no reason at all to be happy and be happy for every single breath you take. Life unfortunately here on earth is short, so why waste any moment being unhappy.

“When tomorrow is gone, it’s never coming back so don’t misuse another day!” (KG)

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