Fall Fashion Must-haves for every HAWT Mama

scarf nude lipstick mk tote fashion necklace jean dress leggings booties fall vest

Fashion must haves for every HAWT Mama this fall… YAY!                                        

It is too often that our fashion takes a toll because of the day to day non-stop duties of motherhood. But it doesn’t have to. As a mom we still need to look and feel great. I’m an advocate that we as mothers motivate, encourage and inspire one another to be our best. To be Happy, Healthy, Attractive, Women-with Tenacity!!! (Hence the name)Below are some Fall necessity’s that will compliment any mom’s attire especially when we want to throw on something quick and easy when we have to rush out the door.

  1.  A cargo or safari (ish) utility vest– It is cute, comfy, flattering, useful (it has pockets) and      you will look like a “cool” mom. I don’t know about you but I’ve been working towards looking like a cool mom sense I became one. (photo found at www.dillards.com)
  2. Really good leggings– these too CAN be flattering if they are good sturdy ones. These leggings must help keep everything together and in place…. With this a sweater or vest      of some sort should cover the butt please!! (photo found at www.topshop.com)
  3. Booties– These HAWT Mama friendly boots are practical and comfortable and are actually in style this season! Love them with pants, skirts or dresses. Easy to step up the style when you’re on the go! (photo found at www.Nordstrom.com)
  4. Cross-body bags and totes– These bags are so practical it should be sin that it’s fashionable as well. They are so popular and easy to find.You can throw your things AND bottles, wipes, tissues, diapers, baby food, snacks whatever you need and it be practical to carry. (photo found at www.michaelkors.com)
  5. Fashion (statement) necklace– This piece will step up any dull outfit      and make it intentional and stand out. (photo found at www.francescas.com)
  6. Colorful scarf– This too can stand out AND keep your neck warm AND      become a tissue or a blanket for your little one. 😉 (photo found at www.shanghaitang.com)
  7.  A shirt/sweater/wrap dress of some kind– They are comfy always in style and easy to find and FLATTERING! You can dress it up or down depending on your accessories which makes it multifunctional like your LIFE! (photo found at www.gap.com)
  8.  Lipstick- Nude and red seem to be the trend, whatever it is for you get one and keep it in your bag so whenever you need a quick pick up add some more lipstick! (photo found at www.ulta.com)

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