Motivational Monday-Spotlight Week

Today starts the first day of “Spot-Light” week. I know so many inspirational mothers and find encouragement in their uniqueness and what makes them HAWT that I felt compelled to share. A HAWT Mama comes from what is within a woman, what each woman alone feels makes them special and happy. It is oh too frequent that we put so much pressure on ourselves to look a certain way and be perceived a certain way. These spotlights are on some of the HAWTest Mama’s I know and they were gracious enough to share their HAWTness with us. Although society puts pressure on women, I know I am my worst critique and I have to constantly remind myself of my greatness and my potential. Like everyone else I too have challenges I’m working to overcome, so I chose to remain positive and live a purpose driven and intentional life. I’m not an advocate for just letting things happen to me or excepting conditions I don’t agree with. I want to encourage women especially mothers to create their happiness and not to settle for anything less because life here on earth is short and too precious to be wasted on anything less. I hope you find these women this week inspirational and motivational, each one of them are exceptionally HAWT! When you finish reading please ask yourself, “What makes me a HAWT (Happy Attractive Woman-with Tenacity) Mama?


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