Wednesday HAWT Mama’s SpotLight: Deborah Mills

This HAWT Mama is special in so many ways, she is a beautiful mother that many woman look up to for her kindness, graciousness and love for her family.

Please meet Deborah Mills…

image-1 image

 “What makes me a HAWT Mama?” Well, given the definition, a Happy, Attractive, Woman-with Tenacity that’s easy to answer. Let me look at each word.
Happy – At this point in life I realize that my happiness is my responsibility. I cannot rightfully place that on someone else, not even my spouse. I must choose happiness on a daily basis. My happiness is not solely based on happenings as the saying goes but on how I choose to interpret and internalize those happenings.
Attractive – I believe my beauty just like yours begins on the inside. It begins with the confidence that comes from being secure in ones self, knowing who you are called to be and securely walking along that path. God has called each of us some wonderful things and I have taken (and still take) the time to find out what He has called me. It will show up in your speech, dress, and attitude. It will attract (or repel) others. That’s attractive to me.
Woman-with Tenacity – My mother tells stories of me being tenacious from the time I was very small.  So I guess that’s something that has always been a part of me. I am actually pretty easy going and not very competitive. Yet, I have very strong convictions and a need to know why. That’s where my tenacity comes from and it serves my purpose well. Everyone is not always comfortable explaining the “why’s” but that’s alright. It doesn’t change who I am.
I never thought of myself as a HAWT Mama. Thank you for giving me this new title.
Something I enjoy: I enjoy just being with my husband and children. After 26 years of marriage I am still excited to see my husband. My children are adults now and I have one grand daughter. The most enjoyable times are still times we all spend together.”

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