Wednesday HAWT Mama’s SpotLight: Jennifer Lee

Every HAWT Mama has their story on how they became the person they are today. HAWT Mama Jennifer Lee is not only HAWT on the outside but she is beautiful from within as well.

Please meet Jennifer Lee…

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“I believe that self acceptance is the biggest part of what has created this HAWT mom. For the longest time I thought that I needed to mold myself to fit certain stereotypes to gain acceptance in not only my personal life but my professional life. Then one day I found myself in an incredibly peculiar life situation and had to change everything! I believe every man, woman, and child need to be healthy and whole on the inside before it will show on the outside! So I decided to love me from the inside out! I decided to love every last scar I’ve acquired over my many years of living, they each tell a story of who I am. I decided to love the occasional dark circles under my eyes and imperfect skin, i acquired those HAWT mom beauty marks by sacrificing sleep and showers for my children. I decided to love my “fat pants” days because without those i wouldn’t know what its like to feel HAWT on the “non-fat pants” days. i decided to love myself for all of my weird quirky habits, my inconsistent styles, my random outburst of songs and movie quotes. I accepted myself for all that makes me different from anyone else… The good and according to some, the not so good 🙂 My children love and accept me for me, my husband loves and accepts me for me, my family loves and accepts me for me….so I decided to LOVE and ACCEPT me for all that is the clever, random, clumsy, miracle making, lesson learning, passionate, ADHD, loud, and overall damn positive example setting for my littles HAWT mom that is ME!!!!

Things I like to do with my family are watch Big Band theory, go on walks, take my children to gym (I am HUGE on setting them up with an overall healthy lifestyle to follow), taking my 6 year old daughter on runs (yup, she keeps up like a champ), and of course riding my motorcycle!!!

I am a HUGE advocate for anything healthy lifestyle related, as well as, supporting anything Breast Cancer related.”

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