Thursday HAWT Mama’s Spot Light: Elizabeth Lusby

Elizabeth is a fun, relatable, amazing mom whose attitude about life and adventure with family easily rubs off on anyone she around.

Please meet Elizabeth Lusby…

“Something that makes me HAWT: I never take life too seriously, not to say I don’t have any goals or ambition because I do, although since being a mom, I’d be more content getting 8 hours of sleep over “ruling the world” any day! I’ve always believed true fulfillment out of anything comes from being yourself; the ridiculously goofy, laugh-so-hard-you-want-to-cry, honest YOU. Being able to laugh at myself and life’s circumstances has always been MY key to success.

Something I look to do with my family: Family vacations! Exploring a new place through the eyes of a child make vacations so much more magical!

Business/Charity Promotion: I’m all about promoting family. Here’s a shameless plug for my husband, Brian Lusby, who was born with an amazing talent of seeing things from a unique perspective both in pictures and in life. (”

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