Fashion Friday HAWT Mama’s Spot Light: Deidre Walters

Not only is Deidre a HAWT Mama but she is the definition of fabulousity. From her hair and her ensemble to her faith in God and love for life, she is a joy to be around. Deidre is fabulous, funny fashion-forward and intelligent, her presence brings out the fabulousness in everyone she comes in contact with.

Please meet Deidre Walters…

IMG_20130614_153222 IMG_20130512_170740

“Deidre R. Walters (37) – mother of 2 (Nyla – 9, Elias – 6), wife of Joseph for over 12 years, lover of God and engrossed in all things fabulous!
Graduate of Clark Atlanta University – BS in Health Care Management
Graduate of The Ohio State University – Masters in Labor and Human Resources
Professional in Human Resources Certification (PHR)
Leadership Bible Institute (LBI) School of Ministry Graduate
Director, Human Resources – APX Labs, Herndon, VA
What makes me a Hawt, Attractive Woman with Tenacity is my love for GOD.  I am a committed follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and I look to show His love and light to others wherever I find myself.  Whether I am volunteering at my children’s school, acting as the HR Director at my company, or serving in my church I strive to always “look like Christ”.  My number one goal everyday is to respond to everyone in a way that I feel would please God.  I want people to have a revelation that God loves them and hopefully that get a sense of that when they come across my path.  I treat people they way I believe Christ would…with love.
Additionally, I always desire to look my best.  As a wife and mother now in my late 30’s; I believe that is my responsibility to be an excellent reflection of Christ in my appearance.  I am a lover of all things fabulous…from fashion, to handbags to make-up; I take my presentation very seriously.  I always change my hair and do other things to keep my husband guessing about how hawt I’m going to be any particular day.  I have a motto…always be the best representation of you!  I want to make my husband proud to call me his HAWT woman because I represent him and my family well.
Lastly, I am encourager and motivator or women, specifically mothers.  If there is a woman who is discouraged, overwhelmed at the thought of trying to balance work and home, or saddened thinking that they are not looking or feeling their best; I want to be that girlfriend that is going to lift their spirits.  Do I need to take them to lunch or for coffee for a pep talk?  Do we need some retail therapy or window shopping?  Maybe a prayer call or a family get-together will do the trick?  Whatever it is if I see a woman not feeling her best I will encourage her.  She will know that she is awesome, fearfully and wonderfully made.  God has an assignment; a plan for her life and with Christ she can do ALL THINGS.  Nothing is impossible with GOD.  I know that, I believe that and I experience that truth everyday on my spectacular journey that is my fabulous life!”

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