Healthy Easy Yummy Snack-Kid Approved

Late last week my kids asked if we could go to Sweet Frog. As much as I wanted to indulge and take them I knew that would be a little too risky for the healthy eating habits I’m trying to perfect! 😉 I got some inspiration from instagram and decided to make a healthy treat that both my kids and I could enjoy and satisfy our sweet tooth. Since I make healthy smoothies all the time I already had all the ingredients that I needed.

1. Favorite Frozen Fruit (you can have it pre-freeze yourself or buy at your local grocer)

photo 2(2)

2. Chilled Almond Milk or Coconut Milk….Whichever is your preference… I try to stay away from dairy

photo 3

3. A blender

Mix everything together you pretty much have a sorbet or smoothie-ish concoction of some sort

photo 1(2)

4. I also added some whipped cream just for the fun of it… ENJOY!

photo 4


photo 2 photo 1(1)

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