HAWT Hair. HAWT Body. HAWT Skin.

These are some of the oils I love to use and not necessarily for cooking. Granted that maybe the intent HOWEVER these oils can keep you looking and feeling HAWT in more ways than one. All of HAWT Mama’s ALL Natural skin and hair care line incorporate all natural and organic ingredients that safe for you and your loved ones!

Flaxseeds are great for your hair!! You ask how? Well if you have thick curly or wavy hair, boiling flaxseeds in water and using the gooey substance that comes from it on your hair can KEEP it looking INTENTIONALLY curly or wavy all day with no other artificial chemicals or potions involved! Flaxseeds can be found at most local grocery stores AND some marshalls/homegoods (Thats where I got mine!)

Almond oil (sweet) doesn’t just smell great but is so amazing for your skin and hair as well. It should be called the “miracle oil” it adds moisture to both your skin and hair, it has vitamins and minerals that assist in hair growth, hair shine and skin agility too! Almond oil can be found one and at all natural skin & hair care stores BUT this too I found at marshalls/homegoods!!!!

Sesame seed oil isn’t just good for Asian cuisine but it make your lips soft and smooth. It is also a natural sunscreen and moisturizer when used on your skin & hair which can make it nice and soft, I mix this product with SWEET almond oil or some of my other favorite scents because I don’t care for the smell by itself!!!

The natural fats and proteins in avocados is yummy for your skin too, Avocado oil is great for moisture and relaxing for a massage…. Some say avocado oil can help prevent aging skin!!! I found this product for a great price at marshalls/homegoods too!

Grape seed oil is amazing for HAIR! It can help prevent damage from styling and keep your hair dandruff free! I actually enjoy the smell of this product and add it as a leave in conditioner before I style my hair. I found this oil at marshalls/homegoods for a great price!

These oils are going to be great to keep our hair and skin looking HAWT in the cold dry winter so stack up.

-Keeping it HAWT

Fruit Attack

Fruit Attack

Getting ready for my 21 day Simple Green Smoothie cleanse! I’m excited, my husband and I are both doing this cleanse and it is much needed! The cleanse requires you to eat clean, fresh and healthy, mostly fruits and veggies, herbal teas and seeds and nuts. You can find out all the information at http://www.simplegreensmoothies.com The cleanse starts tomorrow, lets get healthy together. There is no better HAWT Mama than a happy and HEALTHY mama! Eating healthy means feeling and looking healthy which means being the best mama we can be. After all that is required of our busy lives, I don’t know about you but I can’t afford not be at my best! Here’s a salute to one of my favorite mottos…..
– Get it tight, keep it right