Healthy Easy Yummy Snack-Kid Approved

Late last week my kids asked if we could go to Sweet Frog. As much as I wanted to indulge and take them I knew that would be a little too risky for the healthy eating habits I’m trying to perfect! ūüėČ I got some inspiration from instagram and decided to make a healthy treat that both my kids and I could enjoy and satisfy our sweet tooth. Since I make healthy smoothies all the time I already had all the ingredients that I needed.

1. Favorite Frozen Fruit (you can have it pre-freeze yourself or buy at your local grocer)

photo 2(2)

2. Chilled Almond Milk or Coconut Milk….Whichever is your preference… I try to stay away from dairy

photo 3

3. A blender

Mix everything together you pretty much have a sorbet or smoothie-ish concoction of some sort

photo 1(2)

4. I also added some whipped cream just for the fun of it… ENJOY!

photo 4


photo 2 photo 1(1)

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has many benefits for our skin and hair which is why it is one of the main ingredients in almost all of my HM All Natural Hair and Skin Care Products . Since it has more health benefits than just consumption it is one of the best oils to keep in your house and has become so popular it is now readily available at pretty much an local grocer.

The vitamins in coconut oil promote growth for hair, increases shine, and is said to have anti-aging properties when used on the face.

-It can be used as a deep conditioner in hair when melting and using a plastic shower cap.

-Rub some on your lips it will hydrate and make them softer.

-Melt and use directly on hair and skin as leave-in conditioner or skin moisturizer.

This oil is a definite must have in the house. I get mine from Costco for a great price.  IMG_4712

Fitness Friday HAWT Mama’s Spot Light: Corry Matthews

Corry is an amazing mom who can help any mom boost their self confidence through her knowledge and experience in health and fitness. Just by being around her is motivation to know as a mom “WE” can always look and feel our best with hard work and determination we can have the body we deserve.

Please meet Corry Matthews…


“Corry is the owner of two Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Stores (Manassas and Springfield) in Virginia.¬†¬†She is a¬†retired professional athlete with the IFBB and promoter of the NPC Max Muscle Virginia Classic (bodybuilding & fitness show) and the NPC Max Muscle VA/DC Show (new in 2014).¬†¬†Since 2005, she has been the president of Fit & Healthy Schools, a non-profit enhancing fitness and nutrition within the public school system.¬†¬†Additionally, she is a co-author of the book¬†9 Months In 9 Months Out, a holistic approach to pregnancy (found on Amazon).
Corry‚Äôs experience includes corporate health and wellness speaking; health and fitness coaching/mentoring; corporate wellness program design, government/military fitness programming, personal training, group fitness instruction and nutrition.¬†¬†She represented Gold‚Äôs Gym International as their Pre/Postnatal Fitness Institute Expert from 2004-2010.¬†¬†Corry also created the United States Marine Corps ‚ÄúMom‚Äôs N Babies Getting Fit‚ÄĚ program.¬†¬†Her work has been featured in numerous print and broadcast media outlets including:¬†¬†News & Messenger, NBC News Channel 4,¬†News Channel 8,¬†Body Fitness Magazine (UK), Flex, Max Sport and Fitness,¬†and Oxygen.
I love helping moms get their body back after babies!¬† Additionally, I truly enjoy helping individuals with their goals, and since 85% of how we look is based on what we eat…that makes nutrition key!¬† Daily I get to watch people change their lives and reach goals that they couldn’t or wouldn’t reach if they hadn’t made simple lives like including exericse and changing their nutrition.
I have two beautiful little girls – my double A’s and am happily married for over 13 years!¬† I love my coffee, working out and a good book – yep I have read all the Twilight books and the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy.”

Fashion Friday HAWT Mama’s Spot Light: Deidre Walters

Not only is Deidre a HAWT Mama but she is the definition of fabulousity. From her hair and her ensemble to her faith in God and love for life, she is a joy to be around. Deidre is fabulous, funny fashion-forward and intelligent, her presence brings out the fabulousness in everyone she comes in contact with.

Please meet Deidre Walters…

IMG_20130614_153222 IMG_20130512_170740

“Deidre R. Walters (37) – mother of 2 (Nyla – 9, Elias – 6), wife of Joseph for over 12 years, lover of God and engrossed in all things fabulous!
Graduate of Clark Atlanta University – BS in Health Care Management
Graduate of The Ohio State University – Masters in Labor and Human Resources
Professional in Human Resources Certification (PHR)
Leadership Bible Institute (LBI) School of Ministry Graduate
Director, Human Resources – APX Labs, Herndon, VA
What makes me a Hawt, Attractive Woman with Tenacity is my love for GOD. ¬†I am a committed follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and I look to show His love and light to others wherever I find myself. ¬†Whether I am volunteering at my children’s school, acting as the HR Director at my company, or serving in my church I strive to always “look like Christ”. ¬†My number one goal everyday is to respond to everyone in a way that I feel would please God. ¬†I want people to have a revelation that God loves them and hopefully that get a sense of that when they come across my path. ¬†I treat people they way I believe Christ would…with love.
Additionally, I always desire to look my best. ¬†As a wife and mother now in my late 30’s; I believe that is my responsibility to be an excellent reflection of Christ in my appearance. ¬†I am a lover of all things fabulous…from fashion, to handbags to make-up; I take my presentation very seriously. ¬†I always change my hair and do other things to keep my husband guessing about how hawt I’m going to be any particular day. ¬†I have a motto…always be the best representation of you! ¬†I want to make my husband proud to call me his HAWT woman because I represent him and my family well.
Lastly, I am encourager and motivator or women, specifically mothers. ¬†If there is a woman who is discouraged, overwhelmed at the thought of trying to balance work and home, or saddened thinking that they are not looking or feeling their best; I want to be that girlfriend that is going to lift their spirits. ¬†Do I need to take them to lunch or for coffee for a pep talk? ¬†Do we need some retail therapy or window shopping? ¬†Maybe a prayer call or a family get-together will do the trick? ¬†Whatever it is if I see a woman not feeling her best I will encourage her. ¬†She will know that she is awesome, fearfully and wonderfully made. ¬†God has an assignment; a plan for her life and with Christ she can do ALL THINGS. ¬†Nothing is impossible with GOD. ¬†I know that, I believe that and I experience that truth everyday on my spectacular journey that is my fabulous life!”

Thursday HAWT Mama’s Spot Light: Sheena Gray

This HAWT Mama’s positive attitude and gorgeous smile brightens up any room she walks into! She is feisty, intelligent and always laughing!

Please meet Sheena Gray…

“I am an independent person with lots of strength and knowledge with a caring heart all mixed into one. I am a mom to a loving 4year old first, a fulltime student, and an office admin Ft mon-fri..I like to watch movies and be spontaneous with my family. Nothing matters when you’re having fun with your loved ones. I support research for cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, MS and pets in need of homes… I am a HAWTMAMA 24-7….I am Ms. Sheena Gray!!:)”

Thursday HAWT Mama’s Spot Light: Elizabeth Lusby

Elizabeth is a fun, relatable, amazing mom whose attitude about life and adventure with family easily rubs off on anyone she around.

Please meet Elizabeth Lusby…

“Something that makes me HAWT: I never take life too seriously, not to say I don’t have any goals or ambition because I do, although since being a mom, I’d be more content getting 8 hours of sleep over “ruling the world” any day! I’ve always believed true fulfillment out of anything comes from being yourself; the ridiculously goofy, laugh-so-hard-you-want-to-cry, honest YOU. Being able to laugh at myself and life’s circumstances has always been MY key to success.

Something I look to do with my family: Family vacations! Exploring a new place through the eyes of a child make vacations so much more magical!

Business/Charity Promotion: I’m all about promoting family. Here’s a shameless plug for my husband, Brian Lusby, who was born with an amazing talent of seeing things from a unique perspective both in pictures and in life. (”

Wednesday HAWT Mama’s SpotLight: Deborah Mills

This HAWT Mama is special in so many ways, she is a beautiful mother that many woman look up to for her kindness, graciousness and love for her family.

Please meet Deborah Mills…

image-1 image

¬†“What makes me a HAWT Mama?”¬†Well, given the definition, a Happy, Attractive, Woman-with Tenacity that’s easy to answer. Let me look at each word.
Happy РAt this point in life I realize that my happiness is my responsibility. I cannot rightfully place that on someone else, not even my spouse. I must choose happiness on a daily basis. My happiness is not solely based on happenings as the saying goes but on how I choose to interpret and internalize those happenings.
Attractive¬†– I believe my beauty just like yours begins on the inside. It begins with the confidence that comes from being secure in ones self, knowing who you are called to be and securely walking along that path. God has called each of us some wonderful things and I have taken (and still take) the time to find out what He has called me. It will show up in your speech, dress, and attitude. It will attract (or repel) others.¬†That’s attractive to me.
Woman-with Tenacity¬†– My mother tells stories of me being tenacious from the time I was very small. ¬†So I guess that’s something that has always been a part of me. I am actually pretty easy going and not very competitive. Yet, I have very strong convictions and a need to know why. That’s where my tenacity comes from and it serves my purpose well. Everyone is not always comfortable explaining the “why’s” but that’s alright. It doesn’t change who I am.
I never thought of myself as a HAWT Mama. Thank you for giving me this new title.
Something I enjoy: I enjoy just being with my husband and children. After 26 years of marriage I am still excited to see my husband. My children are adults now and I have one grand daughter. The most enjoyable times are still times we all spend together.”