Thursday HAWT Mama’s Spot Light: Sheena Gray

This HAWT Mama’s positive attitude and gorgeous smile brightens up any room she walks into! She is feisty, intelligent and always laughing!

Please meet Sheena Gray…

“I am an independent person with lots of strength and knowledge with a caring heart all mixed into one. I am a mom to a loving 4year old first, a fulltime student, and an office admin Ft mon-fri..I like to watch movies and be spontaneous with my family. Nothing matters when you’re having fun with your loved ones. I support research for cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, MS and pets in need of homes… I am a HAWTMAMA 24-7….I am Ms. Sheena Gray!!:)”

Thursday HAWT Mama’s Spot Light: Elizabeth Lusby

Elizabeth is a fun, relatable, amazing mom whose attitude about life and adventure with family easily rubs off on anyone she around.

Please meet Elizabeth Lusby…

“Something that makes me HAWT: I never take life too seriously, not to say I don’t have any goals or ambition because I do, although since being a mom, I’d be more content getting 8 hours of sleep over “ruling the world” any day! I’ve always believed true fulfillment out of anything comes from being yourself; the ridiculously goofy, laugh-so-hard-you-want-to-cry, honest YOU. Being able to laugh at myself and life’s circumstances has always been MY key to success.

Something I look to do with my family: Family vacations! Exploring a new place through the eyes of a child make vacations so much more magical!

Business/Charity Promotion: I’m all about promoting family. Here’s a shameless plug for my husband, Brian Lusby, who was born with an amazing talent of seeing things from a unique perspective both in pictures and in life. (”

Wednesday HAWT Mama’s SpotLight: Deborah Mills

This HAWT Mama is special in so many ways, she is a beautiful mother that many woman look up to for her kindness, graciousness and love for her family.

Please meet Deborah Mills…

image-1 image

 “What makes me a HAWT Mama?” Well, given the definition, a Happy, Attractive, Woman-with Tenacity that’s easy to answer. Let me look at each word.
Happy – At this point in life I realize that my happiness is my responsibility. I cannot rightfully place that on someone else, not even my spouse. I must choose happiness on a daily basis. My happiness is not solely based on happenings as the saying goes but on how I choose to interpret and internalize those happenings.
Attractive – I believe my beauty just like yours begins on the inside. It begins with the confidence that comes from being secure in ones self, knowing who you are called to be and securely walking along that path. God has called each of us some wonderful things and I have taken (and still take) the time to find out what He has called me. It will show up in your speech, dress, and attitude. It will attract (or repel) others. That’s attractive to me.
Woman-with Tenacity – My mother tells stories of me being tenacious from the time I was very small.  So I guess that’s something that has always been a part of me. I am actually pretty easy going and not very competitive. Yet, I have very strong convictions and a need to know why. That’s where my tenacity comes from and it serves my purpose well. Everyone is not always comfortable explaining the “why’s” but that’s alright. It doesn’t change who I am.
I never thought of myself as a HAWT Mama. Thank you for giving me this new title.
Something I enjoy: I enjoy just being with my husband and children. After 26 years of marriage I am still excited to see my husband. My children are adults now and I have one grand daughter. The most enjoyable times are still times we all spend together.”

Wednesday HAWT Mama’s SpotLight: Jennifer Lee

Every HAWT Mama has their story on how they became the person they are today. HAWT Mama Jennifer Lee is not only HAWT on the outside but she is beautiful from within as well.

Please meet Jennifer Lee…

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“I believe that self acceptance is the biggest part of what has created this HAWT mom. For the longest time I thought that I needed to mold myself to fit certain stereotypes to gain acceptance in not only my personal life but my professional life. Then one day I found myself in an incredibly peculiar life situation and had to change everything! I believe every man, woman, and child need to be healthy and whole on the inside before it will show on the outside! So I decided to love me from the inside out! I decided to love every last scar I’ve acquired over my many years of living, they each tell a story of who I am. I decided to love the occasional dark circles under my eyes and imperfect skin, i acquired those HAWT mom beauty marks by sacrificing sleep and showers for my children. I decided to love my “fat pants” days because without those i wouldn’t know what its like to feel HAWT on the “non-fat pants” days. i decided to love myself for all of my weird quirky habits, my inconsistent styles, my random outburst of songs and movie quotes. I accepted myself for all that makes me different from anyone else… The good and according to some, the not so good 🙂 My children love and accept me for me, my husband loves and accepts me for me, my family loves and accepts me for me….so I decided to LOVE and ACCEPT me for all that is the clever, random, clumsy, miracle making, lesson learning, passionate, ADHD, loud, and overall damn positive example setting for my littles HAWT mom that is ME!!!!

Things I like to do with my family are watch Big Band theory, go on walks, take my children to gym (I am HUGE on setting them up with an overall healthy lifestyle to follow), taking my 6 year old daughter on runs (yup, she keeps up like a champ), and of course riding my motorcycle!!!

I am a HUGE advocate for anything healthy lifestyle related, as well as, supporting anything Breast Cancer related.”

Tuesday HAWT Mama’s SpotLight: Rigina and Nicois

I’ve been so encouraged and inspired by so many HAWT Mama’s out there, this week we are shining a SpotLight on some of HAWTest Mama’s we’ve come in contact with. I hope their stories inspire, motivate and encourage you to be the HAWTest Mama you can be. I asked each HAWT Mama what makes them a Happy Attractive Woman-with Tenacity, something they like to do for themselves and and something they enjoy with their family. Below are their touching responses…

Please meet Rigina Pietrowski….

rigina2 rigina1

“I am a product of immigrant parents who became citizens of the United States through hard work and determination. My mother taught me not to be idle. That even as you age, you can and should always learn to be a better version of yourself. As I raise my own family, I also try to embrace that kind of thinking. I try to continue my education and am alway trying to learn new things. Through my family’s hard work and sacrifice, I am able to enjoy more and better things than what my family did growing up. One of those precious things, being time. Having to work full-time, at times several jobs, time with my mother was a commodity that we did not have much of. While I am also a full-time working mother myself, I am lucky to be able to carve out the opportunity and time to spend with my own family. Family, friends, creating deep connections, and loving each other is a fundamental component of life that I fiercely believe in. If I were to die in the next few minutes, my message to my children (and anyone else listening) would be to just love each other. No mantra, script or any belief can get away from the core of cherishing each other. The Beatles had it right when they said, “All You Need is Love.”

I  am a HAWT momma because I believe in myself. That I am strong and can get stronger and smarter. And even if the general populace may never agree with me, I will shout my opinions from the rooftops just to be heard.
Rigina Pietrowski, mother of two children born two years a part on the same day. She likes eating, sleeping and is currently waging a war against all creepy crawlers in her yard.”
Rigina also supports an open exploration learning center called Animated Child ( that genuinely cares about improving the health and overall quality of life for children.
Please meet Nicois Harris
“What makes me HAWT is being able to balance a professional corporate/music career while making sure my children are raised with Gods spirit of compassion, integrity, and excellence! Not only do I take the time to ensure they are well rounded spiritually, physically, mentally, and financially, but I encourage them to cultivate their God given gifts and talents with a mindset to purposefully change the world. I support a company called WE SPEAK LIFE, which focuses on getting the message about bullying and verbal abuse, as well as CARE, Inc. a local non-profit company that focuses on teen pregnancy prevention.”

Motivational Monday-Spotlight Week

Today starts the first day of “Spot-Light” week. I know so many inspirational mothers and find encouragement in their uniqueness and what makes them HAWT that I felt compelled to share. A HAWT Mama comes from what is within a woman, what each woman alone feels makes them special and happy. It is oh too frequent that we put so much pressure on ourselves to look a certain way and be perceived a certain way. These spotlights are on some of the HAWTest Mama’s I know and they were gracious enough to share their HAWTness with us. Although society puts pressure on women, I know I am my worst critique and I have to constantly remind myself of my greatness and my potential. Like everyone else I too have challenges I’m working to overcome, so I chose to remain positive and live a purpose driven and intentional life. I’m not an advocate for just letting things happen to me or excepting conditions I don’t agree with. I want to encourage women especially mothers to create their happiness and not to settle for anything less because life here on earth is short and too precious to be wasted on anything less. I hope you find these women this week inspirational and motivational, each one of them are exceptionally HAWT! When you finish reading please ask yourself, “What makes me a HAWT (Happy Attractive Woman-with Tenacity) Mama?


HAWT Hair. HAWT Body. HAWT Skin.

These are some of the oils I love to use and not necessarily for cooking. Granted that maybe the intent HOWEVER these oils can keep you looking and feeling HAWT in more ways than one. All of HAWT Mama’s ALL Natural skin and hair care line incorporate all natural and organic ingredients that safe for you and your loved ones!

Flaxseeds are great for your hair!! You ask how? Well if you have thick curly or wavy hair, boiling flaxseeds in water and using the gooey substance that comes from it on your hair can KEEP it looking INTENTIONALLY curly or wavy all day with no other artificial chemicals or potions involved! Flaxseeds can be found at most local grocery stores AND some marshalls/homegoods (Thats where I got mine!)

Almond oil (sweet) doesn’t just smell great but is so amazing for your skin and hair as well. It should be called the “miracle oil” it adds moisture to both your skin and hair, it has vitamins and minerals that assist in hair growth, hair shine and skin agility too! Almond oil can be found one and at all natural skin & hair care stores BUT this too I found at marshalls/homegoods!!!!

Sesame seed oil isn’t just good for Asian cuisine but it make your lips soft and smooth. It is also a natural sunscreen and moisturizer when used on your skin & hair which can make it nice and soft, I mix this product with SWEET almond oil or some of my other favorite scents because I don’t care for the smell by itself!!!

The natural fats and proteins in avocados is yummy for your skin too, Avocado oil is great for moisture and relaxing for a massage…. Some say avocado oil can help prevent aging skin!!! I found this product for a great price at marshalls/homegoods too!

Grape seed oil is amazing for HAIR! It can help prevent damage from styling and keep your hair dandruff free! I actually enjoy the smell of this product and add it as a leave in conditioner before I style my hair. I found this oil at marshalls/homegoods for a great price!

These oils are going to be great to keep our hair and skin looking HAWT in the cold dry winter so stack up.

-Keeping it HAWT